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Heal Your Land (HYL) launched in June 2015 from a desire to see the Church more engaged with issues that matter around the world by being awakened to the spiritual significance of world events and praying that God would transform the hearts and minds of the people of the United Kingdom to see a revival of a gospel centred culture throughout the nation.

We live in a society where a rejection of God and His order has led to cultural chaos and the Church is sadly all too often steeped in compromise too. Arguably, there has never been such a need for reformation and restoration in the church and a return to the biblical essential elements of doctrine, prayer, fellowship and communion. Never before has the need for spiritual healing and revival in the UK been so great.

We have a desire to see the church reject compromise, be restored to Biblical principles and the nation revived. Read on to find out more on our calling, vision and what we do

Heal Your Land is called to awaken the church from slumber, that it would be restored to Biblical truths and principles, reject compromise, once again take up its  mandate to establish a gospel centred culture and be caused to ignite a burning desire for revival in the United Kingdom.

About Heal Your Land 1

Our vision is to see the church in the United Kingdom awoken and actively pursuing its God given mandate to create a gospel centred culture which stands firm on the authority of the Bible and that passionately desires revival for the nation.

This vision involves believers engaging with issues that matter and being awakened to the spiritual significance of global news & events as well as appreciating what the signs tell us about the age we live in. When believers across the nation turn to God in prayer for revival, we will see every man, woman and child in the United Kingdom coming to faith through Jesus Christ.

For more information on awakening and why it is so important for the Church to be awakened in this critical hour, follow this link.

About Heal Your Land 2

Whilst we live in the UK and commonly refer to it as ‘our’ country, it is important to recognise that it does not belong to us, but to God – the land is His. As believers, we are stewards of the land and are called to be servants of His kingdom.

God appointed this nation to be a beacon of light across the globe and throughout history, whilst not perfect the United Kingdom has fulfilled that responsibility in some very dark places at some particularly dark times. More recently, and since World War II, the nation has increasingly rejected God, deciding to go its own way and as a result we have seen a massive spiritual and moral decline.

That rejecting of God and pushing the Bible and Christianity from the public square has created a vacuum which the devil has filled with the spirit of Islam and secularism. God has not stopped the decline for he is not a forceful God, but one thing is for sure – it is us who have abandoned God, not the other way around.

The great news is that God will return – he can and will heal this land, but as it is written in 2 Chronicles 7:14, first there are some steps the church and nation need to take:

  1. We need to humble ourselves and accept the Lord’s sovereignty over our lives and this nation
  2. We need to pray – communicate with God directly and petition him for this nation
  3. We need to seek the face of the Lord – to passionately desire for his face to shine throughout this nation, that our hearts would be continually broken for the nation
  4. We need to turn from our wicked ways – that is to cease all evil practices, revert to Biblical principles and return to a righteous way of living as a nation

God says that IF we do this, then he will come and heal the land. The entire mission, focus and prayer of this ministry is therefore summed up in our name – Heal Your Land.

Many in this nation are hurting, suffering and pain is all around. Many are seeking for that something to make their life complete and find fulfilment, but all too often they look to the world to solve their problems. The Church has the answer in Jesus, but a call for revival is unlikely to come from those who don’t even believe in God.

We therefore have a responsibility to get right with God, be aware of the state of the nation and petition God on behalf of the nation. God alone can heal and he will, if His Church humbles itself, raises its voice, seeks His face and calls on the name of the Lord that the UK would return to righteousness.

That is why our prayer is our name: “Heal Your Land”.

About Heal Your Land 3

HYL is bringing awakening to the Church by helping believers to be more informed of events taking place by explaining their spiritual significance in an uncompromising way, providing the basis for prayer direction to help the church re-align its heartbeat with the heartbeat of God.

Our work involves:

  1. Exposing parts of the church that are all too often caught up in compromise and capitulation as a result of an obsession with being ‘accessible’, ‘relevant’ and ‘inclusive’
  2. Reporting on events of significance around the world that are relevant to the church by explaining their significance for believers in the UK
  3. Providing coverage of UK Parliamentary business and legislation to inform the church over current issues of concern, empower believers to be more politically aware and involved and highlight areas for prayer
  4. Raising awareness of current social issues by highlighting spiritual darkness and using the Bible to show how we should respond to challenging issues
  5. Monitoring and raising awareness of cases where Christians come under pressure and face attack for their faith in the UK and where Christianity is being driven out of the public square and society

HYL PrayerOur prayer is simple:

Father, break our hearts for this nation as yours is broken for us. Have mercy on this nation. Have mercy on your church. Forgive us for where we have diverged from your intentions for us. Restore your church oh Lord and create in us a heart for the lost, a burning desire for salvation for this nation. God, come Heal Your Land.


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