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There is a spiritual battle being waged for this nation and sadly much of the church is following the world, blind to the damage of the secular agenda. The intensity of this battle grows by the day and we are so aware that deception is one of the most common tools the devil uses against believers.

We exist to expose deception and reject compromise in the church, but we only know how through discernment from the Holy Spirit. The ongoing needs of this ministry are pretty simple: prayer and finance and that is why we are looking for people like you to support us by partnering with in prayer or by giving a financial gift to support our work.

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Become a Prayer Partner:

We could have all the financial resources we could ever want, but without the prayer support of our valued supporters, we are nothing.

When we publish articles we need to make sure we don’t focus on the trivial at the expense of the important. We need to ensure when we use the Bible to explain the spiritual significance of events that we don’t misinterpret the scriptures. When we call out something as right or wrong we need to ensure it is. When we call out the church on compromise and apostasy, we need to make sure we do so in a spirit of love rather than condemnation or hatred.

We are on the front-lines of the culture war and as the intensity of the spiritual battle increases, we need to be covered in prayer and constantly filled with and guided by the Holy Spirit.

PrayerThis requires us to operate in a different way to the world and so prayer is our greatest need.

We would be very grateful if you are able to partner with us in prayer. There is absolutely no financial commitment, we wont use your details for marketing purposes and we promise not to flood your inbox with junk mail.

If you sign up as a prayer partner, we’ll keep you informed and updated on the latest developments in the ministry of Heal Your Land with details of specific prayer needs as well as briefings on current issues across the world that we need to be awake to.

To join with us as a prayer partner, simply complete the form below and we will be pleased to send you our prayer partner updates. Thank you in advance for your support in prayer – may God bless you in your blessing to us.

Financial Support:

As with all ministries, we have running costs. We pay to keep the website online, we have to pay to access and use certain content. As God develops this ministry, so our needs grow. We are not in the business of begging for money and will never give incentives to give that create any form of emotional pressure to support our work.

All we ask, is if you have been blessed by this ministry and feel led to, please consider partnering with us by giving to us financially. You can either give a one off donation for an amount of your choosing, or you can commit to giving a regular amount each month. The choice is yours and any amount you are able to give, small or large will be gratefully received. All gifts received go towards the general running costs of the ministry. If you would like to give for a specific purpose, please include a note at payment stage.

If you are a church leader, or representative of an organisation that would like to partner with us, then please contact us for more information.

Thank you in advanced for your valued gift that will support the ongoing work of this ministry. We pray that God will bless you for your giving to His work.

Give a One-off Gift

To give a one-off gift rather than committing to give each month, simply click the button below and choose an amount on the following screen.

Give a Monthly Gift

To give a regular amount each month, click the button below, enter an amount to give of your choosing and be sure to check the box ‘make this recurring’.

Please note, to make a regular donation, you will need a PayPal account.