Why the Church needs Awakening

The greatest obstacle to revival is a sleeping church. A church wandering aimlessly in its own ways with its eyes closed to the world around them and its head buried in the sand. So often either one or more of these attributes are sadly present in the church in the United Kingdom.

As God’s people, we should be alert, aware of world events that matter, discerning the signs & seasons and wise to deceptions the devil tries to use against us. When we are awake to the significance of world events, our desire to spread the gospel and see people transformed becomes our main desire. This is because we see the significance and importance of helping bring others to Christ that they can avoid falling into deception and ultimately avoid heading to hell.

The process to becoming an awakened believer is not automatic: People don’t pray about issues because they are not concerned. They’re not concerned about issues because they are not awake to the spiritual significance of world events. Often people are not awake because they are not aware of events taking place in the first place.

At Heal Your Land, we are focused on awakening the church because it is central to building a concern for the world around us and the issues that carry the greatest spiritual significance. It is what gives us specific things to pray for and when we pray in the specifics circumstances change, strongholds come tumbling down and people are transformed.

The Bible makes numerous mentions of the need to watch, to discern and ensure that we are living our lives in the way God intended for us. We must stand on the absolute truth of the Bible and reject any move to reduce its value because it is to be used on all occasions to help us understand the world around us.

We have to realise that it is not a game we are in, but a spiritual war. Paul reminds us in Ephesians 6 that it is not blood and flesh that we fight but “principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places”.  Its a war that started in heaven when the devil tried to usurp God’s authority and its a war which is intensifying by the day. If we pretend that it is anything other than a spiritual war then we are rejecting the word of God, we are ignoring the truth of what is taking place and we are making it unnecessarily harder to make sense of world events.

It is time for us as believers to arise from slumber, clothe ourselves with the Holy Spirit, protect ourselves with the armour of God and reject the deception and compromise and start to truly desire revival in the United Kingdom.

Steps to Becoming an Awakened Believer

Becoming Aware

The first step is being aware of events. By informing people we can help people to be aware of events. By putting the news in front of people, we can aid their general awareness. However, that in itself is not enough because you need to know more than just the headline to be awakened to the significance of an event.

Those who are Aware can be Awakened

Once we are aware of the basic details of an event, the task is to awaken believers. This is where spiritual insight comes in. The devil wants to put us under a deception so that we become blinded to the importance of what is taking place and fail to understand the significance of world events and often he is sadly successful. How often have you spoken to a fellow believer about a world event you know is significant in the spiritual realms only to discover they are already aware of it, but their interest stops there? They have no interest in understanding or even considering the spiritual significance, or worse still blind to the idea that there may be spiritual significance to it because they are asleep to the possibility of their being more details other than what the mainstream media chooses to publish.

This is why we do not simply repeat the news you can read elsewhere, but aim to provide the spiritual insight and discernment that you need to know and understand as a believer. There are plenty of news sources out there that will tell you what is happening, but many miss out key details because it doesn’t play into their agenda, or they simply don’t report on the details that are important to believers.

We hope that by providing spiritual insight and scriptural context on global events, we can help you make sense of a culture in chaos and a church so often in compromise so that you can effect change through prayer and action.

Awakening Leads to Developing a Concern

Once people are aware of events and awake to the spiritual significance of what is taking place, to reach the point of full awakening and prayer, they need to also be concerned about it.

Having a concern does not automatically follow on. There needs to be a spirit of discernment within the reader to ensure their awakening develops into a concern. For example, you can be aware a model of a temple is coming to London, that much you will read in the secular media. To be awake you need to be informed that the temple is a satanic one that celebrates various things including abortion. From that, if you discern through the Holy Spirit that it is an important issue, you will be concerned about it, but without that discernment your interest stops at the headline and you will never reach the point of concern.

To be concerned about something is to want to do something about it. It is to not accept the status quo and so have a desire for things to be different.

Praying Over Concerns

The final step to full awakening once aware, awake and concerned is to pray.

The impact and power of prayer is often undermined by religious types. The truth is that prayer is our greatest tool. It is the means by which we communicate directly with and to God. With a faithful prayer people are healed, situations and circumstances change. With a prayer mountains move and people are saved and transformed by the power of the Holy Spirit.

If you really want to see the nation transformed for God, to see spiritual healing and revival breaking out across the land, then you need to take your concerns to God on your knees because the key is prayer.

Merely being aware of what is going on in the world is not enough. We need to become awake to the spiritual significance of what is taking place across the world. Only then will we stop accepting the status quo and start working towards effecting the change that this nation so desperately needs.

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